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How one trainer is helping women to Design a Life Worth Living…

Marjorie “Marjah” Simon-Meinefeld is the co-owner of the lifestyle wellness company, AWA Consulting Group and of the health company Anything Vegan LLC, with her sister Jasmine. She is the co-author of Fork Disease Go Vegan: 7 Simple Steps to Experiencing Life in the Energy Center, and A Very Merry Vegan Holiday Cookbook. Their AWA: Amazing Women of Abundance brand is focused on empowering women to unleash their dreams and live their abundant, most extraordinary life.Affectionately called “Dr. Marjah”, she holds a Juris Doctor of Law Degree, a Master’s Degree in International Diplomacy, is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, and earned a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in English, Business and Behavior Science. In addition to all of this she is also Cornell University certified in plant-based nutrition, studied with chefs in DC and through Escoffier Culinary Academy. She is certified to practice law in the Supreme Court but instead she travels the world sharing her powerful message on creating a whole, healthy life.

Transformational speaker Marjah is the expert in connecting people with their healthiest, happiest self. She uses her experience as a certified life coach to help people overcome mindset issues, as a chef to create delicious plant-based meals in flavors they already know and love, and as a Toastmasters International trained motivational speaker to inspire people to enjoy the journey while creating their ideal life.

She practiced law as an Army Soldier and an Air Force Airman. Her compassion coupled with her sharp, analytical attorney skills persuade clients to take purposeful action that gets real results.

She inspires people to courageously design and live a healthy, balanced life. After surviving a triple devastation in losing the love of her life, her job, and her health all at once, she began studying, reading and listening to everything she could on deliberately creating a new life. Now, her mission is to share what she learned with women looking for answers and seeking to discover their own Amazing Woman of Abundance within.